Multi-Screen Matters – our 25-page guide is out now

Tecmark today launches “˜Multi-Screen Matters’, a 25-page ebook that reveals exactly why mobile-friendly websites are now a must-have.

Packed with knowledge and actionable advice, Multi-Screen Matters is a free download designed to give you the understanding needed to move forward with confidence.

It includes:

* The background and implications of Google’s 2015 mobile update.
* Why ignoring mobile-friendly websites isn’t an option.
* How one site increased its average smartphone e-commerce order by 71%.
* Seven tips to help your site work on any device.

Download your free copy of Multi-Screen Matters here.

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Tecmark Author Neil Barraclough

About the Author

Neil Barraclough: Brand Communications Manager

A former journalist with experience in radio, TV and a decade in national newspapers, Neil now focuses on communications and results-driven copywriting.

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