Mapping content to the customer’s journey

An interactive quiz targeting travel researchers using search terms loaded with potential purchasing intent, this content generated more than 20,000 visits, almost 200 backlinks and direct and assisted conversions.


Holiday bookings are emotive purchases that provoke extensive research; those researchers were targeted through long-tail methods.

We aimed to acquire an increased profile for Holiday Gems, using long-tail visibility to generate thousands of new visitors.

We also sought inbound links from influencers, bloggers and online publications, as well as direct and assisted conversions in terms of holiday bookings.

How we did it

We undertook an extensive long-tail research process, using four different keyword suggestion tool and Google’s keyword planner, to uncover significant search activity for a term loaded with purchasing intent.

Lots of content already existed targeting the keyword term, but most were long-form, text-heavy blog posts. We chose to create an HTML5 interactive quiz that would function on desktop, tablet and mobile with equal efficiency.

From selecting which month they wanted to travel, through to how far they were prepared to fly, what activities interested them and what weather they were seeking, visitors were then presented with their ideal holiday destination – and a call to action linking to a relevant destination page.

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