The Tecmark 10 – with work placement student Kamaal Khanum-Williams

Kamaal Khanum-Williams is a student at Manchester Metropolitan University. He recently spent six weeks on work placement in the Tecmark offices. Follow Kamaal on Twitter.

1. You’ve just finished more than six weeks on placement in the Tecmark office; what did a typical day look like?

A typical day? I don’t think there was one. Everyday there was something different happening. Projects were always getting done, and it was a big plus to see how the developments unfold. I guess the consistent thing was the gallons of coffee that’s drunk.

2. What was the most satisfying aspect of your work?

I’d say working on real projects and seeing the final project once its been completed.

3. And the best thing about working at Tecmark?

Everyone is very friendly and happy… once they’ve had their morning coffee. Everyone’s great to work with, and having positive people to work with typifies Tecmark as a company.

4. Your work both at Tecmark and elsewhere seems to be specializing in project management – what do you enjoy about that type of role?

I enjoyed putting my theories to the test, and seeing how your project manager works and manages a team in digital agency. I enjoyed this most because I found that there were differences in approach between project managers.

5. What’s the biggest thing you learned during your time with Tecmark?

One of the biggest things I learned here is that SEO is another role I could consider in the future – and working in an agency is something I’m going to do once I graduate next year.

Also, how far ahead you need to be when it comes to being a web developer or graphic designer. They’re roles I considered doing last year, I don’t think they’re for me.

But doing the web development degree is a big positive for me because it gives me a big technical background.

6. You’re now heading into your final year of a web development degree at Manchester Metropolitan University. What do you expect to be learning over the next 12 months?

It’s scary to think it’s my final year; the end is slowly approaching. It will be a really intense next six months or so. I expect to learn UX design, the psychological side to using social websites and, of course, project management. My final year project will be a 6,000-word report based around being a successful project manager.

7. You’re a regular blogger – how has that helped with your development over the last couple of years?

It’s helped me grow as person and be able to showcase my work in a more story-structured way. I’ve only recently increased my blogging. I did it last year, but this year I’ve done much more and it’s allowed the page-views have increased from 800 in March to 2,200 and counting.

It’s also helped me get my name out there with other professionals because they can see how keen and consistent I am with each post. I think it’s fair to say blogging gives anyone a reflection of what kind of person you are and what you’ve achieved. Anyone thinking about blogging should definitely do it.

8. How do you relax away from your studies?

When I’m not studying I’m typically at the gym in the mornings at 9am sharp. Then I’ll spend the rest of the day with my girlfriend playing video games and watching films. And when the weather decides it’s going to be nice we go out travelling around Manchester.

9. What excites you about photography? Do you have a favourite photographer?

The fact there are no rules and that anyone can do it. Over time my skills have got a lot better and it’s a hobby I enjoy doing on my travels around Manchester.

As for a particular photographer, I don’t have a favorite – it depends on the image. I love positive, unbiased images that promote equality and bring change to real world issues. Humans of New York is a great example always promoting people’s stories around the world.

10. And finally… a Sunday afternoon playing Call of Duty or watching the latest Naruto?

Once I’ve been to the gym and done any housework I’d probably be edging towards Call of Duty. Then I’d generally watch different types of anime in the evening; Fairy Tail, Naruto and Bleach are favourites. That’s what Sunday nights are for.


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