Stacey MacNaught: Finding that special something

Stacey MacNaught

In the final part of a tri-series of interview blogs, Tecmark’s Director of Search, Stacey MacNaught, talks about finding the right people for her team and the challenges of recruiting in the industry.

“Everyone who does SEO knows they need to get links. I can’t describe what it is, some people just get it. 

“They can understand the customer journey and how they can solve the problem through search and content. They know and understand what search phrases a customer is using. 

“Others will never get it. We want people who have that instinctive understanding.”

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“Recruiting in the SEO industry is really tough. 

“If you’ve got two years experience you can almost walk in to a senior role, which seems to be the case in digital but not in any other industry. If you went for a senior job with two years experience in any other industry, you’d be laughed out of the place. 

“We prefer recruiting junior staff who have got the skill set and instinct to be successfully, and we can then train them and teach them the theory behind SEO and what we do.”

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