How to stand out from the crowd

In a world where we’re bombarded with information and distractions, attention levels are dwindling.

A recent article by Stealcase explained the dwindling attention spans of the current internet generation and the distractions we face during a typical day.

With average interruptions coming every three minutes, eight browser windows at a time, checking email every two minutes and Tecmark’s own stat of 221 mobile checks a day it’s easy to understand why we’ve got distracted and impatient content consumers.

It’s also not in our DNA to concentrate for long periods. Human brains are hard-wired to respond to unexpected changes in our environment as a survival mechanism. Long periods of sustained concentration on one thing just isn’t what we’re set up to manage.

As content producers fighting this dwindling attention span, we face an uphill battle. So how do we capture the attention and action of such a time-poor audience?

Keep it bulleted

Bullet points, sub-headings, headline statistics and key takeaways are all great ways to make your content easily consumed without heavy concentration.

Keep it bite-sized

Any content you produce should be bite-sized and easily consumed. Thinking of producing a five-minute epic “viral” video explaining the virtues of your service? Think again. Break it down into bite-sized chunks so people can pick and choose what they want to consume.

Make it easily shareable

Consume, share, move on. That’s the way of the modern internet and social media user. If you’re expecting them to copy your content URL, open a new browser window, log in and then paste in order to share, you’re going to be disappointed. Sharing should be easy, quick, and hassle free.

Make your point clear

The full data from your 10,000 person survey is great. Provide it for those that want it. But keep your release or your post to a handful, or ideally one, clear point.

Lots of great statistics came from our smartphone survey, but the one that interested everyone was that people pick up their smartphones 221 times a day. Find your key point and make it clear.

Make it surprising

The unexpected keeps our attention. It’s why so many of the best films, books, and TV shows have twists and turns. Surprising statistics, effects and statements are all great ways of achieving this with your content.

Grabbing attention with your content isn’t easy, but these are my tips. Get in touch if you need support achieving this with your content.

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