Our survey says…

You can pull a statistic out of almost anything.

That’s why surveys are such a great way of your brand adding value to a publication.

Ask the Great British public a question, and they love to give a variety of answers.

One of our most successful surveys was the one that led us to reveal that the average user picks up their smartphone 221 times a day.

Sure, sometimes surveys come back and the results are as bland as they come.

And they can’t all be of such comedic value as this one on the US Family Fortunes.

A result of survey from Downtown in Business landed at our office via snail mail earlier this week, and it makes for some interesting reading.

Some of which are particularly relevant to what we’ve got going on at Tecmark right now

  • 43.4% of you will find ‘recruiting the right people’ as the biggest challenge of 2016
  • 49.5% of you think that the economy will grow
  • 84.6% of you think we should stay in the EU
  • 51.9% of you find Twitter your favourite social media platform

While we contemplate the pros and cons of Brexit to the digital industry, why not share with us some of your favourite survey outcomes.

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