Myths about PR …. Busted!

I have now been working in the PR industry for 15 months. Before I started working at Tecmark I had heard my fair share of rumours about the industry – it definitely isn’t all red carpets and press events!

Here are the most common PR myths… debunked!

All publicity is good publicity

Everyone must have heard this one! It’s a saying that many use, but in fact couldn’t be more wrong. Bad publicity can be detrimental for a business, an image you have worked on for years can be crushed with one bad decision.

The recent Pepsi advert with Kendall Jenner is living proof that even the biggest companies can still get it wrong. Even though Pepsi were getting spoken about in the majority of media outlets across the world, there was little positive impact that came from the advert.

You have to remember that everyone’s a critic and although you can’t always please everyone, it’s important to keep the majority happy when it’s your brand’s image that’s on the line..

PR is all red carpets, parties and press events

Films and fiction are to blame for many people believing that PR is all glitz and glam, constantly out networking in bars until the early hours. The reality is that PR is hard work, unless you’re working an event for a client (even then you are still working) you are in the office, creating new ideas and campaigns for your clients.

Gaining coverage is quick and easy

People believe that PR is as easy as writing a press release, sending it out to press and you are guaranteed coverage – this isn’t the case! Campaigns and strategies come from endless hours spent planning and meeting with clients. Not to mention, building trusted relationships with bloggers and journalists takes time, patience and nurture.

When I first began working at Tecmark I started with no contacts in the media or with bloggers, it took me months to build and maintain these connections. Even now I am constantly reaching out to new people and when moving into different sectors the process starts again. The most important thing is to nurture these relationships when you have them. Ask a journalist if there is anything you can help with – is there anything they’re working on that you can offer expert advice for? Data? Images?

PR professionals are known for bending the truth

You can not lie in PR. This is rule number one. Sending information to press has to be 100% accurate, if you are found to be sending out false information, faking data and quotes you will become known to journalists as untrustworthy and you won’t be getting an reply from them ever again – it’s that simple.


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