My First Day as a Tecmark Intern – by Jessica

After a summer of waiting that seemed to go on for forever and a day, today I finally started my Internship at Tecmark and I can hand on heart say it did not disappoint. If anything it exceeded all my expectations and more.


After being recommended to Tecmark as a potential intern, I, of course did my research and was initially drawn to the organisation and all the great work that they do! With big clients such as B&M Stores and Destination2, I already knew that they’re a big name in the industry and I had all my fingers crossed that I would be lucky enough to get the chance to work with them. When I got the news that they were willing to take me on as an Intern, I was excited to say the least, but also somewhat overwhelmed – would I fit in?

Now, although only one day in, I can confidently say I already feel a part of the team and was met with the warmest of welcomes…

There wasn’t one moment during the day where I was sat ‘twiddling my thumbs’ which is one of the general fears when starting internships. I’ve only been here a day and I already feel as though I have got a good grasp of Tecmark as an organisation and the kind of work that they do. I can’t wait to get on board with that!

I’ve spent my first day primarily running research tasks for a number of clients ahead of campaigns that Tecmark plan to run – research which has proved very interesting and will hopefully be of good use in the future. I also got to build up some media databases, which will later be used for a client campaign, which was also very exciting. As far as first days go, I’d give it a 10/10. I had the pleasure of meeting some of the lovely people behind Tecmark and also got to have a good explore of the office and the area around it. I’m already excited to come back next week!

I, by the way, am Jessica – a third year Business and Public Relations student at LJMU; travelling one day a week to Intern at Tecmark. I admittedly came to university back in 2015 with not a single clue what PR was, I picked the course because I loved Business Studies but a course with 300+ students just had zero appeal to me.

However, with two years completed and one to go, I have fell in love with the subject and the industry. The power of PR is groundbreaking and something I will always want to be involved in. As the world moves forward, technology becomes more and more a routine part of our everyday lives; therefore I am edging towards a career in agency-side digital PR as it means I’ll always be ahead of the times and will be kept on my toes!

So, what does being an intern actually involve? A lot of students are put off by the words ‘placements’, ‘work experience’ and ‘internships’ – perhaps the whole agenda has been stereotyped, or perhaps it comes down to personal opinion. I cannot, however, express the value of internships and how impactful they are on your career prospects. They outline the future for you as they give you real life experiences in the kind of environment you are working towards, not to mention the perks of looking great on your CV! I think a lot of people are put off by the “but i’m just going to be making coffee and filing all day.”

Well, I can confidently say I’ve never made a single cup nor have I ever been expected to complete the tasks that nobody wants to do. Being at Tecmark, I really do feel like I am at home here – being given my own desk and being allowed to get involved with work on the accounts, I almost feel like a permanent member of staff – that is until I snap back into reality and remember I still have a hard year of studying left yet!

What does the future hold at Tecmark? I don’t know – but it’s exciting. I think one of the pros of PR is you never really know what you’ll be doing next, and that kind of stands with me too. Whatever it is though, I don’t doubt that it’s going to be fab and I already can’t wait!

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