How Tecmark’s Sarah survived I’m a Precky Fan, Get Me Out of Here!

When the Steve Prescott Foundation approached Tecmark for volunteers for a I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here-style challenge, there was some debate about who would step up to the plate. The idea of sleeping rough in a forest for two nights, eating rationed rice and taking part in bushtucker trials was met with a fair bit of reluctance. So, thank goodness for the pluckiness and unending optimism of one of the younger members of the Tecmark gang, Sarah, who put herself forward for the daunting task in order to raise money for the incredible charity.


We caught up with her after the event, to get her take on the whole ordeal.


So Sarah, how did you get involved in the Precky Fan challenge?

The Steve Prescott Foundation is a charity close to the heart of Tecmark, both Rick (Heyes, managing director) and AJ (Mussell, account manager) have been involved in some incredible fundraising for the charity. I think this was my turn to get involved, really push myself and help an amazing cause.

Good on you! How did you feel before you arrived at camp?

The week leading up to I’m a Precky Fan I had mixed emotions – one minute I would be excited and ready to get stuck in and the next I would be very, very apprehensive. On Friday morning, I woke up petrified about what was in store for the next 48 hours, we had all been kept in the dark about the majority of weekend.  When it is left to your imagination, you dream the absolute worst!

How did you get on with the team?

I think one of my main worries for the weekend was that I didn’t actually know the other 11 people taking part but they were definitely the reason I had such an unforgettable experience.

We had some great laughs and really just supported and encouraged each other through everything the weekend had to throw at us. We are already in discussion about what our next challenge as a group will be, I definitely wouldn’t have survived without their support!

What were the worst moments for you?

It was an emotional rollercoaster over the 48 hours, some definite highs and lows. I wouldn’t say there was a worst moment but the lack of toilet facilities and food would go as my worst thing about the weekend. I also think I have been put off rice for life!

What were the best moments?

The whole of Precky Fan was an incredible experience, I learnt so much about myself and how much I could actually push myself. The best thing for me though would have to be meeting 11 amazing people, the group really carried each other this weekend and they helped me laugh my way through the 48 hours.

And of course raising a huge amount of money and awareness for such a great cause.

What challenges did you take part in?

We all took part in a team ropes course and a range of height activities. This included walking along three different levels of beams (I think 15m was the highest) and we then climbed up a single pillar and clambered onto a platform at the top before jumping for a trapeze.

In terms of bushtucker trials I did a lot of eating! This included live worms and crickets, squids eyeballs and raw pork tripe. Some other members of the team ate locust and pigs eyeballs – so I reckon I had a lucky escape.

What was the biggest challenge of the weekend?

Actually living in a forest with next to nothing for the weekend was a lot more challenging than the trials I found. On the Friday we had been given two ground sheets to make our shelter for the weekend with so you can imagine the basic living conditions. At any given point, I had a minimum of six layers – despite the cold, I am grateful that it didn’t rain at all during the 48 hours. I found our toilet facilities – a hole in the ground – pretty grim as well. The diet was gruelling – food was kept to a minimum. Twice a day we would be treated to rice, a tin of tomatoes and a tin of kidney beans.

Urgh! Did you find out anything new about yourself?

Anyone who knows me, including myself, would have 100% doubted my ability to stay in a forest for the weekend with the bare minimum and only the essential foods let alone to take part in bushtucker trials – it is very unlike me! I am so proud of myself and how stuck in I got with the whole weekend, not only the challenges but also living in the outdoors for 48 hours – for someone who has never even dreamed of camping this was a huge step. I can definitely push myself a lot further than I thought when I put my mind to it.

Amazing! What characteristic do you think carried the group?

Humour.  As of 6pm on Friday we instantly just fit as a team and really helped and supported each other throughout. We all had different points in which we needed picking back up and everyone was there with words of encouragement which was amazing. But the jokes and the humour is definitely what carried us all through, everyone was just up for a good laugh in aid of supporting the SPF.

So, the million dollar question – would you do it again?

I think it’s only fair that I let AJ take my place next year! However, I 100% can’t wait to get stuck in some other activities with the SPF, I am also excited to start collecting chocolate oranges this Christmas for another amazing charity.


The Steve Prescott Foundation was set up in honour of rugby player Steve Prescott. Celebrating its tenth year, the charity raises money for the Rugby League Benevolent Fund, Christies Hospital and The Oxford Transplant Foundation. You can donate here:

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