Get them talking! How three content pieces generated 21,000 social interactions

By Neil Barraclough
Getting noticed isn’t easy.

But it’s not impossible.

Here are some of the elements that helped three content pieces generate a total of more than 21,000 social interactions.

Unique execution

Google generates almost 115,000,000 results for the search term “˜Things to do in Dubai’. The challenge was how to compete in an already-crowded marketplace.

But our research suggested most of those 115,000,000 results are text-based.

They’re not immersive experiences that excite audiences.

So the use of video in Travelbag’s “˜A Day in Dubai‘ was a deliberate choice. It’s different way to reach and engage Dubai destination researchers.

Travelbag - A Day in Dubai

The result?

This innovative piece of video content conveyed the awe and emotion Dubai evokes.

It amassed almost 13,000 social interactions and drove a substantial audience – 89% of which were new visitors to Travelbag’s website.


Long-tail research

We’ve written previously about mapping your content to your customer’s journey.

It’s one of the most effective methods of bringing potential new customers into your funnel.

And Holiday Gems’ “˜Where should I go on holiday?‘ interactive quiz is a great example.

An extensive long-tail research process, using four different keyword suggestion tools and Google’s keyword planner, uncovered significant search activity for a term loaded with purchasing intent.

Lots of content pieces already targeted the keyword term, but most were long-form, text-heavy blog posts.

Instead, we created an interactive quiz that presented users with their ideal holiday destination – and a call to action linking to a relevant destination page.

Where should I go on holiday

The result?

This quiz has generated almost 2,000 social interactions.

It ranks number one in Google search results for the term “˜Where should I go on holiday?’ – beating brands like TripAdvisor, Rough Guides, Travel Supermarket and The Guardian.

Almost 98% of visitors complete the quiz and three-quarters of those visit the recommended destination landing page – resulting in direct and assisted conversions.

Interactive content

Another interactive piece – Travelbag’s “˜Where in the World‘ quiz – generated major social traction and thousands of new visitors.

And with mobile audiences so prominent on social media, it was crucial it worked perfectly on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Where in the world quiz

The result?

Almost 7,000 social interactions and another substantial audience – 84% of which were new visitors.

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