Four content marketing advantages for large companies


Last week we covered content marketing advantages for small businesses.

But what happens if you’re in the other camp? If you’re part of a well-established, well-known company, what gives you the edge over your smaller competitors?

Here are four content marketing advantages for large companies:

1. Promotion budgets

The days of ‘build it and they will come’ are long gone – if they ever existed in the first place.

Our search director Stacey MacNaught is clear with her assessment of the importance of a promotion budget.

“You need to put as much into promoting your content as you did into producing it,” she says. “Paid promotion is often overlooked – don’t fall into this trap.”

Large companies generally understand the importance of promotion budgets and have the resources to include them in any major content project.

2. Bigger, specialist teams

Speaking at SAScon earlier this year, our operations director Rob Weatherhead discussed statistics highlighting the continued growth of in-house teams.

He said: “A recent study found that 27% of US businesses claimed to work with no agencies at all, a figure that was double what it was 12 months earlier. Just 12% had four agencies or more, which was down from 21% in 2014.”

Large companies are investing in and growing their in-house digital teams, meaning they increasingly have the skills and ability to produce and manage timely content campaigns at quick speed.

3. PR resource

As well as the advantage of having an in-house digital team, large companies will often benefit from having an in-house PR team that can help with content promotion.

The nature of large companies means they already carry brand recognition, and with that is likely to come pre-existing relationships with the mainstream media.

Like anything, these high-value outreach targets can be much more readily accessed if you already have an existing relationship.

We also recommend including PR and outreach professionals in your content project as early as possible in order to ensure the idea you’re pursuing is one they’re confident will gain coverage.

4. Less reliance on a single piece

Large, established brands can run multiple content projects at the same time, reducing the pressure on any single piece while simultaneously increasing the chances of striking gold with a piece that goes viral.

But whatever size your company, it’s ultimately about…

… doing the fundamentals well

Both small and large companies have content marketing advantages they can exploit to drive their growth.

But either side will make progress if they do the fundamentals well.

That means investing time in ideation and audience research, producing quality content and following up with effective promotion.


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