Clients in the press this week

Another week and more mentions in the press for our clients.

Our outreach team has been working hard to promote the excellent content that has been produced recently.

Here are just four examples of success stories in the last seven days:

Man cave or she shed? A Waltons survey has left The Independent asking that very question: Liverpool’s housing bargains, millionaire buyers, and the rise in service charges: Property news

Easy ways to spruce up your garden furniture in Yours. Top tips from the experts at Rattan Furniture on getting your outdoor set ready for the warmer months.

The Bottom Line – Herald Business Diary: Evidence of a so-called “kettle tax” from SwitchMyBusiness

Bristol youth turn to gardening: A survey by national garden retailer Waltons is featured in the Bristol Local Press.

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Richard Bannister: Senior Account Manager

The chances are if you’ve come across Tecmark, you’ve encountered Rich. He is the key link between clients and the operations team. Formerly with, Rich was also part of Trinity Mirror’s first digital marketing team.

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