#ScrapyardSculptures Tickets Now Available!

Tickets are now available for the free Scrapyard Sculpture Exhibition taking place on 3rd April in the Benzie Building, MMU between 6pm-8pm. This charity event will feature the exhibition and online auction of original sculptures created from Mercedes car parts donated by Dronsfields. Proceeds from the auction will be go to local charities including Joining […]

Scrapyard Sculpture Exhibition

We are proud to announce the launch of the Scrapyard Sculpture Exhibition in conjunction with Dronsfields and Manchester Metropolitan University. Dronsfields have donated Mercedes parts from their lot to the students of MMU who have used them create original pieces of art. The Scrapyard Sculpture Exhibition will take place on Thursday 3rd April in the […]

Stacey Cavanagh is speaking at MozCon 2014!

Tecmark’s very own Stacey Cavanagh will be crossing the pond to speak at MozCon 2014. MozCon is a firm favourite with online marketing agencies. It offers the opportunity to network with thought leaders from the SEO community, as well as learn about new industry trends. Speaking at MozCon is strictly invite-only, so when the MozCon […]

The Rise of Smartphone E-commerce

Smartphones have changed the way in which consumers shop online. Google has recently surveyed 1,000 Americans between the ages of 18 and 64 online in order to discover how consumers use their smartphones to search and buy online.     The research reveals that smartphones have become popular shopping tools. People now use smartphones in […]

Travelbag’s Mobile Site Leads to Higher Booking Values on Mobile than Desktop

There is a common misconception that people don’t make high value purchases on smartphones. We’ve been working with businesses on mobile led strategies since 2009 and have disproven that myth time and time again. And we have even more evidence to the contrary following a recent project. Four years ago, our research showed that a […]

Do you know when to put your smartphone down?

We are all addicted to our smartphones. Admitting we have a problem is the first step to recovery. We use our smartphones for everything, from work, shopping, social media, to catching up on the news and television we’ve missed. But if we are constantly using our smartphones, how do we find the time to do […]