The Rise of Smartphone E-commerce

Smartphones have changed the way in which consumers shop online. Google has recently surveyed 1,000 Americans between the ages of 18 and 64 online in order to discover how consumers use their smartphones to search and buy online.



The research reveals that smartphones have become popular shopping tools. People now use smartphones in order to research products and services, as well as to make purchases. The study reflects that 77% of users use their smartphones for research, and 46% of users use their device in order to make purchases.

With this level of connectivity and flexibility, smartphone users are able to search for products and services anywhere, and at anytime they want to. 55% of users use their smartphone to search at home, 35% search on the move, 31% search whilst they are in shops, 28% do so at work, 21% multitask whilst visiting a restaurant, 15% search in coffee shops and 7% do it on public transport.

Smartphone usage does not stop after the initial search. Smartphones have now become an increasingly popular point of purchase. According to Google, 46% of users make purchases through their smartphone, and 57% of the users questioned had made a purchase in the past month.

Purchases made via smartphones are not a one off or accidental occurrence. People that use smartphone to shop do so on a regular basis. The survey reveals that 60% of users make purchases on their smartphone at least once a month.

This research confirms our strong belief that having a mobile-optimised website is necessary for any successful business. It is crucial step if you want to make your products and services more accessible to both existing and potential customers.