How I’ve started fulfilling my new year’s resolutions to network more in 2017

Keeping an eye on the changing landscape of business in the city means constant appearances at the right events, talking to as many people as possible and making a good impression. People do this in different ways, but one of my new year’s resolutions was to attend more networking events in Manchester.


Here’s my pick of the best Manchester networking events from the last few months.

Wigan Warriors Business Club

This evening event was held at the KPMG offices in central Manchester. The event took the form of an interview panel, and focused on the performance of Wigan Warriors in Rugby League.

What I got from it: How rugby has lessons for business – how teamwork helped win the title in the face of adversity also winning the award for the best caipes.

Best for: Business owners and managers with a focus on staff team building.

Inspire Manchester UKFast

Lawrence Jones, MBE and head of UKFast chaired this event that took place on the UKFast campus. Jones, together with world champion squash player Laura Massaro and former England international Mark Cueto, talked about time management, and the setting and achieving of goals.

What I got from it: How after years of success Jones manages to continue to motivate himself by setting regular goals and the importance of time management.

Best for: Entrepreneurs.

Pro Manchester & Business Cloud

This event looked at tech in sport and how it can be applied in business. The breakfast event demonstrated at how data (in association with Opta Sports) is leading the way in finding marginal gains in sport and has a huge capacity in everyday business life.

What I got from it: The experiences of real life entrepreneurs owning small, local businesses as well as established names were particularly refreshing.

Best for: One for the stat geeks amongst us, how marginal gains can be transferred from sport into everyday business practices.


This was a networking event with a difference – a hike in the countryside with like-minded business folk – aka “netwalking”. We all met at Manchester Piccadilly station, and caught the train to Hadfield for a 15-mile trek. It gave everyone the opportunity to talk freely and comfortably about aims, work issues, ambitions and pitching ideas in a casual, relaxed atmosphere.

What I got from it: How changing the traditional format of a networking event can allow the opportunity to speak to everyone in a more casual setting.

Best for: Business owners and business developers looking to experience a more relaxed approach to networking.

Rise Manchester & Vapour Media

With the launch of a new product by Vapour Media, this event gave an insight in to up and coming tech (specifically V-code, Zimovi platform, Vapour media’s own Hollr platform).

What I got from it: There are some extremely exciting developments happening in the tech industry in the northwest, particularly the guys at V-code who have reinvented the traditional QR code.

Best for: For people with a genuine interest into the latest technology that will be shaping the digital landscape.


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