August 12, 2023

108 Solutions or Ideas in 30 Minutes!

That’s what Professor Bernd Rohrbach promised when he wrote about his “6-3-5 Method” of brainwriting in German sales magazine, Absatzwirtschaft, in 1968.

6-3-5 brainwriting is a quantity ideas and solutions generating exercise and is useful wherever you need ideas, whether it’s content marketing, web design and conversion rate, product features or solutions to common business problems.

Things to consider before starting a brainwriting session:

  • A traditional brainwriting session involves 6 people, although Tecmark 635 allows you to run a session with anywhere from 2-10 participants.
  • A standard session is 6 rounds of 5 minutes, but you can amend the amount of rounds and the lengths of rounds when you set it up.
  • Each individual will produce 3 ideas per round, so the amount of ideas generated is dependant on the number of rounds and participants.
  • We have removed the need for participants to be in the same room with Tecmark635, however they will all need to be online at the same time to run the session.
  • If you have first time participants it will probably be helpful to have them view the below video and read our user guide before the session starts.

Download the PDF Brainwriting Guide

  Download tecmark-635-brainwriting-guide.pdf

Watch our Brainwriting Introduction video

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