Tecmark train with world champion boxer Martin Murray

Tecmark celebrated the recent acquisition of Sportbox Media at an exclusive training session with world champion boxer Martin Murray.

Members of the Tecmark team watched Martin train at Oliver’s Gym before each entering the ring for a one-on-one pad session with the current WBC Silver Middleweight champion.

Managing Director, Richard Heyes, said: “Following our recent acquisition of Sportbox, it was a timely opportunity to train with a world champion sportsman.

“We’re passionate about marketing, but one of our other passions is sport, and it was a great experience going face-to-face with Martin. We wish him all the best in his fight at the end of the month.”

Richard was joined at the session by Account Manager, Rich Bannister, and Operations Director, Rob Weatherhead.

Murray then posed for photos with the team, and after the session, sent each member an individual tweet.

St Helens-born Murray, 31, fights Italian Domenico Spada on October 25 in Monaco, televised live on Channel 5.

martin-murray-rich-bannister martin-murray-rob-weatherhead

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