Tecmark Design, Develop and Deliver Travel App for Sale Sharks Rugby Club

Tecmark has designed, developed and delivered a mobile app for Rugby Union club, Sale Sharks.

tecmark sale sharks rugby app

Sale Sharks wanted to make it easier for fans to get to the ground following a recent stadium move. In order to ensure appropriate travel information was available on the move, the solution was a mobile app, initially for iPhone.

The application, which is available as a free download from the iTunes app store now, presents directions to the stadium as well as detailed directions. It integrates with the iPhone’s built in Apple Maps to help users navigate from their current location right to the stadium and also features public transport timetables and parking information.

In addition to this, fans will find fixtures listed and be able to access Sale Sharks social media updates from right within the app.

Andrew Lamb, Head of Commercial Sales at Sale Sharks felt Tecmark would make the perfect partner for the club’s mobile project, commenting:

“Tecmark’s portfolio impressed us and it was clear after meeting them that they have the professionalism to match. They’ve proven themselves knowledgeable and skilled throughout and the final product is an ideal first app for the club.” Andrew Lamb, Head of Commercial Sales.”

Richard Bannister, Tecmark Account Manager, added:

“This was a great project for us to be involved in. There was a real need here to help fans travel to the ground more efficiently and mobile has been the perfect solution, putting access to a lot of travel data in the pockets of the club’s fans.”

The app is available on the iTunes app store now.

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