May is the Month of M-Commerce

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Other Smartphones are also available, of course!

We’ve been advocates of mobile as an essential part of a digital marketing campaign since 2009, when we began developing mobile apps and websites. Since then, we’ve seen the proportion of web traffic originating from mobile increase from 0.09% to over 20% in many cases! That’s an incredible increase and it’s showing no signs of stopping.

Mobile commerce is a particularly exciting area of growth. We know all about the role of mobile websites in the ‘research online and buy offline’ process, of course. And this has to be considered and accounted for in any mobile commerce web design and marketing campaign. But what shoppers are also doing, in their droves, is buying from websites right there on their mobile devices. This growth in mobile based online sales is likely to mean that, within 10 years, m-commerce will be worth over £19 billion annually.

M-Commerce Statistics

  • 28% of UK shoppers are using their mobiles in the shopping process, yet only 17% of UK businesses have a mobile optimised website!  (Global Mobile Research from Google)
  • Between September 2010 and September 2011, the average transaction value on a mobile device increased by 43% (IAB UK)
  • Paypal alone processes over $10 million per day in mobile transactions. (Paypal blog)

May is the Month of M-Commerce

We’re mad about mobile and are excited about the growth in m-commerce, so we’re dedicating the entire of May to m-commerce!

Our blog will be busy right throughout the month with contributions from several members of our team, covering a host of m-commerce related topics, including:

  • Researching and understanding your mobile traffic
  • Perceptions of mobile
  • Mobile app vs m-commerce website
  • Responsive design vs seprate e-commerce sites
  • User experience design and mobile users
  • Conversion rate optimisation on m-commerce sites
  • M-commerce SEO, PPC and content

So keep your eyes peeled here and on our Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus pages!

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