Four Reasons Why Manchester is becoming the UK’s Top Creative and Digital Hub

Salford Quays

“Manchester’s got everything, except a beach” – Ian Brown

It’s no secret that, here at Tecmark, we love our city. We couldn’t possibly list all the reasons why – the friendliness of the people, the captivating mix of old and new architecture, the sense of community – to name but a few.

Over the years our home town has developed into the thriving creative and digital hub of the North. In fact we’d go as far as to say that, over the next few years, Manchester will take the lead as the UK’s top creative and digital city. Here’s how Manchester is showing the rest of the UK how it’s done.

We’re Budget-Friendly

It’s well known across the globe that the cost of living in London is astronomical, which is why more and more graduates are choosing Manchester as the starting point of their career. Many graduates, especially those from a creative background, are becoming intimidated by the sheer cost of just living in the capital, which at one point was the go-to destination for media, creative and digital work.

London’s fall from grace is instrumental in some of its most promising digital areas falling behind those in Manchester. The high cost of living is no longer outweighed by the city’s creative spark, with Manchester’s strong role within the Northern Powerhouse and budget-friendly way of life becoming more appealing to young creatives.

37,500 Creative Industry Businesses and Counting!

In a report released by Insider Media, Manchester is home to 37,500 creative industry businesses. Many of the world’s big players have bases in the city, including Kellogg’s, ITV Studios and even Google. In fact, Manchester is the only city in the UK outside of London that features a Google base. Of Prolific North’s Top 50 Digital Agencies, 20 are based here in Manchester.

Manchester is also fast becoming a fashionista’s dream, with big brands like Missguided, Boohoo, Pretty Little Thing and all calling the world’s first industrialised city home.

The support shown to new businesses here is second to none, with a flourishing startup scene that’s seen the government increasing support and funding in the area. Speaking to Real Business, Claire Kelsey, the owner of Ginger’s Comfort Emporium says:

“There is integration of so many small food businesses, entrepreneurs, local producers, street food vendors – we all support each other, trade with each other and have grown our businesses together”.

There’s a real sense of community spirit here in Manchester that you just don’t get in our southern counterpart.

Culture and Creativity

Manchester is a vibrant and culturally enlightened city with a huge passion for the creative industries. The Manchester International Festival is a wonderful showcase of local and international talent, with performances and events getting to the heart of matters that touch the soul. Young creatives have a wealth of opportunities to show off their talents here, with places like Texture in the Northern Quarter showcasing new talent in film, art and words.

A World of Opportunity

Manchester’s location within the UK means that there are excellent transport links to other British cities, and the rest of the world. It’s just a two and a half hour train ride from the capital, three and a half to Edinburgh and just an hour flight from Dublin, with the rest of the UK right on its doorstep.

Manchester Airport flies to over 220 destinations, meaning that it’s easier than ever for businesses to connect with clients, investors and customers from all over the world.


Join the conversation – if you’ve got any thoughts about Manchester, or just want to sing the praises of our great city, let us know on Twitter.


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