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Stacey MacNaught - Search Director

Tecmark Author

Stacey MacNaught - Search Director

Stacey joined us in 2009 as a junior copywriter; now she's a recognised figure on the global speaking circuit, having wowed audiences in the UK, Europe and US - including at MozCon 2014. She leads our search team and works with clients to deliver high-level campaign strategies.

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  • Neil Barraclough - Brand Communications Manager

    Tecmark Author

    Neil Barraclough - Brand Communications Manager

    A former journalist with experience in radio, TV and a decade in national newspapers, Neil now focuses on communications and results-driven copywriting.

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  • Hana Bednarova - Digital PR Manager

    Tecmark Author

    Hana Bednarova - Digital PR Manager

    Hana joined us in September 2014 as a content promotion specialist; now she leads our digital PR team and works with clients to increase their brand awareness and media relations.

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  • Rebecca Beale -

    Rebecca Beale joined Tecmark in January 2016 after working in copywriting. She is part of the copy team who create online content for our list of clients.

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  • Richard Bannister - Senior Account Manager

    Tecmark Author

    Richard Bannister - Senior Account Manager

    The chances are if you've come across Tecmark, you've encountered Rich. He is the key link between clients and the operations team. Formerly with Yell.com, Rich was also part of Trinity Mirror's first digital marketing team.

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  • Rebecca Moss - Campaign Manager

    Tecmark Author

    Rebecca Moss - Campaign Manager

    A wannabe jetsetter that started her career at Turkish Airlines, working on their advertising campaigns with Manchester United, and now managing campaigns for Tecmark's travel clients and more.

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  • What we’re looking forward to at BrightonSEO
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  • Richard Parkinson - Influencer Relationship Apprentice

    Tecmark Author

    Richard Parkinson - Influencer Relationship Apprentice

    Rich joined Tecmark in 2017 as an influencer relationship apprentice, he helps our team build and maintain relationships with bloggers and influencers

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  • Nazma Noor -

    Nazma rejoined Tecmark in 2016 as a senior search strategist and develops various search strategies and campaigns for each and every one of our clients.

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  • Sarah Pearce -

    Sarah joined Tecmark in March 2016 as our Digital PR apprentice and after a successful year has recently worked her way up to become our Digital PR Executive.

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  • Tips for Breaking into the PR Industry
  • Myths about PR …. Busted!

  • Ruth Hartnoll - Content Coordinator

    Tecmark Author

    Ruth Hartnoll - Content Coordinator

    An experienced writer, poet and blogger, Ruth joined Tecmark in March 2015 and works from our Liverpool office delivering content strategies for a range of SME clients.

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  • Joe Curran - Lead Developer

    Tecmark Author

    Joe Curran - Lead Developer

    Joe joined Tecmark in March 2016 as a web developer, he now leads our development team who create and manage a wide range of online lead generating project. With a strong eye for attention to detail he ensures we deliver high quality, user oriented online experiences.

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  • Jordan Yates - Graphic Designer

    Tecmark Author

    Jordan Yates - Graphic Designer

    Jordan graduated from Salford University with a first-class honours degree in graphic design. Since then he's worked across Manchester, building his experience by working with clients including Kellogg's. When he's not designing, he's usually in the outdoors ... or eating ... or both.

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  • Five ways to butcher your infographic
  • Five steps on the path to infographic brilliance

  • Gareth Chadwick - Business Development Manager

    Tecmark Author

    Gareth Chadwick - Business Development Manager

    Gareth Chadwick is a business development manager at Tecmark. A Manchester United fan with a Toffee Crisp obsession, his culinary claim to excellence is his surprisingly good chilli.

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  • Tecmark at the Empire Big Screen Event

  • AJ Mussell -

    AJ Mussell joined Tecmark in March 2016 as an Account Manager and has since been the link between Tecmark and our clients, dealing with various businesses.

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  • How I’ve started fulfilling my new year’s resolutions to network more in 2017

  • Latest from Tecmark

    Halloween is almost upon us, and alongside the pumpkin spiced lattes and Pennywise costumes comes an indigestible amount of seasonal content from brands. Some of it is absolutely amazing, some… not so much.

    When working with influencers you can have incredibly varied outcomes, because every single influencer is different; each one is their own person, with their own lives, doing their own thing. For that reason, in this post I focused on how to influence the influencer.

    When it comes to producing blog ideas, it can easily become like a feast or a famine. One day you’re brimming full of thoughts and concepts, the next day you’re scratching around for a spark of inspiration.