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Stacey: Search Director

Stacey joined us in 2009 as a junior copywriter; now she’s a recognised figure on the global speaking circuit, having wowed audiences in the UK, Europe and US – including at MozCon 2014. She leads our search team and works with clients to deliver high-level campaign strategies.

Tecmark Author Stacey MacNaught

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If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.

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Stacey MacNaught: Search Director

Best thing about working in digital marketing?The fact that nothing is ever the same for very long. Algorithms and technology advance super quick and it keeps you on your toes, to say the least. I love that. Aims for the future?I can’t see myself ever not working in digital in some capacity. I want to stay in this industry and work on increasingly creative campaigns. Ultimately, I want to see Tecmark continuing to grow and working with great companies on content-led campaigns.I love working at Tecmark because…there are people here who are as passionate about their jobs as anyone I’ve ever encountered. Working with people who genuinely get a buzz out of what they do is brilliant.

Stacey’s Blogs

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