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Richard: Influencer Relationship Apprentice

Rich joined Tecmark in 2017 as an influencer relationship apprentice, he helps our team build and maintain relationships with bloggers and influencers

Tecmark Author Richard Parkinson

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"Don't let your dreams be dreams... Just do it!" - Shia LaBeouf

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Richard Parkinson: Influencer Relationship Apprentice

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How to Get a Great Blogger Review

Posted August 10, 2017 in Digital PR

How to Build a Fantastic Rapport with Bloggers

Posted June 6, 2017 in Digital PR

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We’ve already talked about how to take your copywriting to the next level, but let’s chat about blogging for a second. Too many times, we see businesses and individuals churning out a conveyer belt of blogs, many of which hold little to no value to the site they’re published on.

In order to ensure the best possible review, you need to make sure that the blogger is the perfect candidate for your campaign, the product arrives in immaculate condition and you have tried to adhere to the bloggers requests and make the process as simple possible for both yourself and the influencer.

Load speed is sometimes overlooked as a component of a website’s technical wellbeing. If a website is too slow in displaying pages (or products) that a user wants to see, it can be damaging to both web traffic and ecommerce values.