E-Commerce Development

Our in house developed ecommerce solution is built from the ground up with performance, marketing and mobile in mind.

We got tired of hacking off the shelf ecommerce platforms to make them SEO ready, user friendly and mobile optimised. So we built one with users, search engines and mobile web usage as fundamental considerations.

Our ecommerce platform is different. It hasn’t been designed simply ‘to work.’ It’s designed by user experience designers and our in house SEO team and is built by experienced PHP developers.

Ecommerce Development

SEO Ready Ecommerce Websites

Our ecommerce websites use intelligent structuring, mark up and Schema to present information clearly and cleanly to search engines as standard.

SEO isn’t just an afterthought, it’s not a ‘bolt on’ and you shouldn’t have to hack your website to optimise it! Our ecommerce websites are built for humans and for search engines.

Tecmark’s e-commerce platform is fundamentally designed with marketing in mind and incorporates current SEO practices such as Schema microdata. Our ecommerce sites are structured specifically to avoid any of the duplicate content issues present in a number of off the shelf solutions and to ensure you ultimately have complete control over the key elements on your site that will influence SEO.

Our system supports third party merchant centres such as Google Merchant Centre, for ease of managing your feeds from one place.

Our in house SEO team will be involved with your project from the outset. After all, what’s the point in an ecommerce website if nobody can find it?

Mobile Ecommerce Websites

Within 10 years, mobile commerce will be worth £19 billion and by 2014, more of your website’s users will be browsing from a mobile device than from a desktop or laptop computer.

In fact, even now it’s likely that 1 in 5 of your website’s visitors is browsing from a mobile device.

Our ecommerce website design and development incorporates mobile as standard, ensuring your website is easy to use not just for desktop and laptop users, but for mobile and tablet device users as well. This means your customers will be able to find what they’re looking for and make their purchases quickly, easily and securely whether they’re on a laptop, desktop, mobile phone or tablet device.

Fast, Functional Ecommerce Solutions

Performance is a key factor both in terms of the likelihood of your users converting to a sale and in SEO.

You have a matter of seconds to convince your users that you sell the products they want and to convince them to buy from you. A slow, laggy website with poor performance issues will harm your conversion rate and could hinder your SEO efforts.

Our ecommerce solution is built with performance at the forefront to deliver a slick, quick browsing and buying experience to your customers.

Ecommerce Development from Tecmark

We’re ISO 9001 accredited, representative of our commitment to delivering quality service.

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