Social Media

Your potential customers are already interacting with brands and businesses on social media platforms. We can put your brand firmly in front of your target audience.

Why Social Media?

Almost 1 in 8 of the world’s entire population is engaging on social media platforms. Social is integrated with our day-to-day lives and presents an opportunity for your audience to communicate directly with you.

Social media factors also have an influence on SEO and even website conversion rate so a good social media marketing campaign can have cross channel benefits across all of your digital marketing efforts.

Social Media Marketing from Tecmark

Social media marketing from Tecmark is objectives-driven with clear and measurable results.

We have the in house expertise and experience to carry out social media marketing campaigns across all of the major social platforms (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Youtube and various social bookmarking platforms). We will identify the ones on which your audience is active and build your presence there.

Our Social Media Process

Our Social Media process

Set Social Media Objectives

We work with our clients to identify clear objectives against which any campaign will be measurable. Common objectives include:

  • Target traffic levels from social to the website
  • Target sales or other conversions as a direct result of users visiting from social media
  • Assisted conversions or sales generated by social media activity
  • Target audience size
  • Target brand mentions online


We identify the best social media platforms for your campaign based on your target audience, products and services. We also analyse the activity of any competitors active in the social sphere.

Campaign Setup

Setup and optimisation of your official business profiles and pages across the selected social platforms.

Audience Building and Engaging

Through various means of advertising, content marketing and incentivising, we’ll build a relevant targeted audience for your business. We’ll engage with that audience and encourage them to communicate with your brand through the social platform.

Reporting, Analysis and Planning

Using a number of tools including Google Analytics and various social analytics tools, we’ll produce a monthly report detailing our activity and, more to the point, progress against objectives. We’ll report on:

  • Audience growth and interaction
  • Mention of your brand online
  • Visitors driven to your website as the result of social
  • Sales or other conversions driven either as a direct result of social media or those in some way influenced by social media