Mobile Search Marketing

By 2014, more of your website visitors will be surfing from a mobile device than from a desktop or a laptop.

Every single day, millions of your potential customers search for products and services that you sell from their mobile device.

Make these mobile searchers your new customers with mobile search marketing from Tecmark.

Mobile Search Marketing

Mobile SEO

Many of the SEO principles that apply for desktops and laptops apply in mobile SEO too. However, we have to take into account:

  • Different expectations of mobile users
  • Different search habits of mobile users
  • Potential different goals of mobile users

Our in house SEO team will carry out in depth research on your business, the devices already driving users to your site, your customer’s mobile searching habits and your competitors to formulate a bespoke mobile SEO campaign designed to drive revenue through your website, either as the result of an online sale or enquiry a phone call or by driving footfall into your premises.

Mobile PPC

Mobile PPC requires a different approach to PPC for desktop and laptop users. Again, this has to account for different expectations, goals and search habits of users. Our mobile PPC team will:

  • Carry out mobile specific keyword and competitor research
  • Research the devices driving users to your website
  • Write concise, enticing ad copy specifically tailored to the mobile user
  • Direct your potential customers to a relevant landing page tailored for the mobile experience

With in house expertise spanning user experience design, graphic design, content writing and digital marketing, we can help you to get your business mobile.