One of the most frequently encountered problems in Hospitals and other institutions where it is important to treat hands on a regular basis is the time spent returning to the treatment site for application. As a consequence of this the treatment is often overlooked or used less than ideally required.

The “Z” Valve Dipenser is designed to be clipped to clothing and consists of a light plastic tube which is held closed by the zvalve and only needs to be squeezed to provide one application quantity.

Holding about 20mls it is a single day unit, and the fully recyclable material ensures that there is no expensive plastic bottle to be scrapped or collected.

When this device is filled with the SAIFER Hand Rub with its broad spectrum biocidal package it makes an ideal, efficient and convenient means of hand treatment for all medical staff.
“This idea saves me a lot of time”
“I can now treat my hands anywhere”
“It’s convenient and easy to use”
1% active ingredients, comprising a synergistic blend of Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QACs) and non volatile aldehyde, organic acids, pH stabilisers and if required, transient lemon scent.

Could be of any size as the Z-valve only relates to the outlet.

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