SAIFER Hand Rub was designed to provide people in fields like medical care, hygiene and food with a hand product they could comfortably use frequently throughout the day. It has a very broad spectrum of control covering viruses, bacteria, spores, yeasts and moulds and leaves hands feeling well conditioned, clean and fresh, even after repeated usage.

It can be used as a stand alone Hand Rub, but far greater benefits are gained when it is used in conjunction with SAIFER Hand Wash. That combination eliminates all the risks of chemical neutralisation between products which so commonly occurs with traditional hand rubs.
  • Alcohol free and waterless
  • Cosmetic and odourless to enhance comfort
  • Leaves a protective layer to combat microbes
  • Dries quickly for frequent use with high level action
The SAIFER Hand Rub overcomes these problems by combining the extraordinary antimicrobial power of the SAIFER Active Package with skin conditioning agents and spreading agents in a totally water based carrier. The spreading agents ensure adequate coverage without the need to apply large portions to the hands. In this way the drying time is comparable to that of the alcohol based products but without the detrimental effects on skin.
“My hands now feel cared for”
“I do not worry about using this product frequently”
“Amazing how quickly it dried”
1% active ingredients, comprising a synergistic blend of Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QACs), organic acids, pH stabilisers and if required, transient lemon scent.

60 ml personal dispensers, 500 ml standing pump dispenser bottles, Z-valve dispensers and wall mounted units.

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