Killing all the micro-organisms on surgical instruments and endoscopes is critical to any Hospital Infection Control Policy.

The ideal instrument reprocessing liquid should also be safe and pleasant to use, compatible with equipment, fast acting, have a useful shelf life of many days and be reasonably priced. And if possible, it should not need to be activated prior to use.

That ambitious list of requirements always proved elusive – until SAIFER Instrument Sterilant was created.
The history behind SAIFER Instrument Sterilant is unusual for this type of product. Extensive marketing allowed us to determine what people really wanted, as opposed to what they thought they could have. An extensive Research and Development programme followed until finally the ideal product evolved. The result is an Instrument Sterilant that is so safe it actually forms the basis of SAIFER Hand Rub. That product is so skin friendly it has revolutionised Infection Control on hands.

SAIFER Instrument Sterilant has been specially designed to simultaneously solve numerous needs in its specialist Medical field. It has an excellent spectrum of control against viruses, bacteria, yeasts and moulds, yet it will not exposed skin or irritate lungs.

SAIFER Instrument Wash is the product best used to pre-clean the instruments and equipment prior to sterilisation. That combination eliminates all risks of the neutralisation so commonly encountered when detergents and disinfectants from different ranges are used succssively.

For a list of the micro-organisms killed by this new sterilant please click here.
“Our initial scepticism has turned to genuine delight”
“An amzing achievement”
“Really pleased to have all our needs met by one product”
<1% active ingredients, comprising a synergistic blend of Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QACs) and non volatile aldehyde, organic acids, pH stabilisers and if required, transient lemon scent.

Boxes of 2 x 5 Litre plastic bottles of ready to use solution.

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