You spray a surface to kill Viruses and Bacteria, but how do you know whether your spray has done the job? This is a very important question that even Hospitals find hard to answer, but with SAIFER Anti-Microbial Spray you have two advantages.

Knowing exactly which Virus or Bacteria are on the surface is difficult, so it helps to have a product that kills them all. Viewing this list shows why you can be confident. In fact, that confidence could increase when you know that this formulation was actually designed for use in sterilising Surgical Instruments!

Since many detergents actually neutralize many disinfectants, you need to know that your cleaning product is compatible with your anti-microbial product, which is hard to do if they come from different manufacturers. But when you use
SAIFER Multi-Purpose Cleaner in combination with SAIFER Anti-Microbial Spray you can be confident the two will work in harmony and you have the controlling hand over the Viruses and Bacteria.

The history behind SAIFER Anti-Microbial spray began when TecMark decided to overcome a disease that was killing an alarming number of elderly people in hospital wards around the world. The new product needed to kill all Viruses and Bacteria, and even Bacterial Spores, be safe enough to use around, and even on, elderly patients, and have a competitive price to meet hospital budgets. The result was a new formulation that can safely be sprayed, can be used on hands as SAIFER Hand Rub and can be used to decontaminate surgical instruments as SAIFER Instrument Reprocessor.

SAIFER Anti-Microbial Spray has been specially designed so you do not need to worry about the incredibly complicated technical matters within the Infection Control field. You do not need to know which Viruses or Bacteria are present as you can now kill them all.

And if you want to ensure that this product works every time, all you need do is use SAIFER Multi-Purpose Cleaner as your cleaning product, When you do, you will be sharing a leading product with internationally known chefs, with hospitals, and with experts in the Infection Control field who do know all the technical traps and therefore choose to use the SAIFER range of products.
“Surprisingly kind to hands for such an effective product”
“Nice to see the compatibility problems solved at last”
“Comforting to know I can safely use a product developed for hospitals in my own home”
1% active ingredients, comprising a synergistic blend of Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QACs) and non volatile aldehyde, organic acids, pH stabilisers and if required, transient lemon scent.

500 ml ready to use trigger spray bottles. Please consult attached order form for exact packs sizes.

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