My Internship With Tecmark

Since early June, we’ve had Tytherington Sixth Form student, Elliott Davidson, working with us at Tecmark. Today’s his last day in the Tecmark office and in this blog post, he shares his experience.

My name is Elliott Davidson I am a student at Tytherington Sixth form and I study business and finance. I contacted Tecmark because for part of my finance course I had to do an internship and I wanted this to take place in an industry I wanted to learn more about. I’ve been lucky enough to spend the past 6 weeks working for them. My knowledge has come on leaps and bounds because of their expertise.

For the first two weeks I was working with the Digital Marketing team mostly on SEO and social media. I didn’t have much knowledge previously on this subject but I was really keen to learn. I was learning so many new things every single day. It was great. I spent time learning to understand how digital marketing works, was able to learn about social media and key social media influencers. I had the opportunity to research social influencers, become familiar with blogger outreach and understand the importance of building relationships with influential websites. I was also able to get involved in website audits and competitors analysis. I got a run down on how to use some lesser known Google analytics features, which was very helpful.

I then moved onto learning the basics of the scripting language PHP. I was set a project to create a validation contact form, at first this seemed a bit daunting considering that I hadnt really coded in PHP before, but with the help of the Digital Director this was made possible. I will definitely be carrying the learning process and hope to be able to develop WordPress themes in the near future.

I then returned to spend some more time with the Digital Marketing team, feeling more confident this time having remembered everything I’d learnt from my first two weeks.

For the final week and a half, I had the opportunity to work with a Tecmark User Experience Designer. I had never even heard of UX before, so it was all new to me. I was able to get involved in the process of creating a new wireframe for a website. This involved analysing data that Tecmark had been collecting about users on the site and then, with the guidance of the UX designer, use this data to decide upon what changes to layout would be needed.

Overall, I have loved my time at Tecmark. Thank to everybody that has helped me and hopefully I will see you all again. I hope to use all the knowledge and information I have learned in the future!

Thank you,

Elliott Davidson

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