My Work Experience with Tecmark – by Jacob Butler

This week, we’ve had Jacob Butler of Upton by Chester High School in the Tecmark office for a work experience placement. Here’s his account of his week at Tecmark and what he’s learnt.

My name is Jacob Butler. I am 15 and I’m a student at Upton by Chester high school. For my work experience I’ve spent a week at Tecmark’s office in Manchester.

I’ve had the opportunity to work in all departments during the week and I feel as though I’ve learnt loads. In particular, I’ve spent a lot of time testing the apps that Tecmark is developing. This meant looking at all aspects of each application trying to find any bugs, faults or flaws that might mean the app doesn’t function properly. I really enjoyed this because I learnt how important this step is in the app’s development and I feel as though I was able to play a part in the development. It’s great that I was able to do something to help the guys out in this area.

I also learnt about the importance of research in the process of website development. I didn’t realise until this week just how much time and effort it takes to actually build a website!

It has been a fantastic experience working in a friendly, creative environment. I’ll definitely use the skills and knowledge I have gained here going forwards. It’s been an eye opening week for me and I feel as though I’ve learnt to appreciate just how hard working you have to be to flourish and be successful in this industry and in working environments in general. I feel much more confident now I’ve had a taster of working life here.

I’ll remember my week with Tecmark and the experience has confirmed that I’d like to do something similar to this in the future and the skills from this work experience placement will help me.

Thank you, Tecmark.