5 Extra Things I’d Like to See from Google Plus Business Pages

google plus business pages

I was, admittedly, rather excited when Google announced G+ business pages yesterday. I’m not quite sure yet whether that’s testament to my being excited by odd things or to Google’s pre-launch marketing of their business pages. It’s likely the former. But anyway, I dutifully headed over to Google Plus to check them out and found their announcement to be a bit premature – they weren’t yet open for everyone.

Cue a twenty minute sulk.

Anyway, this morning the pages were available for all and I set up Tecmark’s page early on. I was, well, very disappointed. Not as disappointed as the day I found out Santa wasn’t real, granted. But probably as disappointed as I was about the Easter Bunny. Business pages are just a bit…bland.

tecmark google plus

There is not a great deal of functionality and as someone who spends a lot of time tinkering with Facebook business pages, the Google Plus offering feels a bit rushed. There is nothing that really sets them apart from personal profiles and I cannot understand why they were not released in their current form when personal profiles launched.

Google has a tendency to improve things over time, though, so I’ll be patient. In the meantime, here is my wish list of 5 things I’d like to see from Google Plus business pages:

Multiple Admins

For a business page to only have one admin is inconvenient. Facebook lets you have multiple users able to administrate the page. Come on, Google, there’s no shame in copying something so practical!

Friendlier URLs

When you hit the coveted 25 fans on Facebook, you can have a nice friendly Facebook URL, e.g. www.facebook.com/tecmark.  This doesn’t appear to be the case on Google Plus yet with URLs populated heavily with numbers.

Personalised Background

The plain white backgrounds look bland. Twitter and Facebook are more customisable. We want that on G+ too!

Ability to Integrate with Other Social Profiles

Perhaps this isn’t in the spirit of Google trying to take over the world of business social media. But while G+ personal pages allow users to integrate their profile fully with other social profiles, there is no such feature I have yet been able to identify that allows businesses to the do the same.

Improved Integration with SERPS

Google has done something quite cool with search. If, for example, you search +Pepsi in Google, you’ll see the brand’s G+ business page come up with a logo…

Pepsi Google Plus

I love that. And it certainly explains why Google retired the + sign from its traditional use in search recently. My question is, who will search +Pepsi? Wouldn’t it be better if this showed up for simply Pepsi?

And do you remember when Google and Twitter were friends and you could see real time Twitter results in the SERPs? Well, I think brand searches should incorporate real time results from the brand’s G+ page.

So there you have it! All I want from Google Plus pages is for them to become Facebook pages is a bit of added functionality and some better SERP integration. Please?

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