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‘I consider your level of service as top rated. I am very grateful and thankful for all the help Mr. Kilty offered. Thank you once again.’
Mr. R.M., Liverpool
‘Rachel Barrow was excellent. She was clear and easy to understand. I would recommend her to anybody.’
Miss E.K., Liverpool
‘Excellent service.’
Mr. C.E., Liverpool
‘Very good service all round.’
Mr. M.B., Essex
‘I would recommend you because you were good and thorough.’
Mr. R.S., Liverpool
‘You helped me all the way and were very nice.’
Mr. J.H., London
‘Efficient, friendly and supportive representative.’
Mr. J.F., Liverpool
‘Thank you very much for your help in this difficult case. I was very happy with how well you all worked, and I was very impressed by all.’
Mrs. C.H., Merseyside
‘Miss (Rachel) Barrow was very cheerful and confident and tells you the way it is. Good result. Thank you.’
Mr. A.H., Liverpool
‘Your service could not be better. Thank you.’
Mr. P.M., Merseyside
‘Your services were excellent. The man who handled my case was very efficient and outstanding.’
Mr. E.A., Essex
‘I would recommend you as you give clear advice, are easy to talk to, and put me at ease.’
Mr. K.B., West Midlands
‘You have (an) excellent team.’
Mr. A.G., Liverpool
‘Thanks for all your hard work. It is much appreciated.’
Mr. P.R, North Yorkshire
‘Your staff really understand me. I was really happy with the way they dealt with court.’
Miss A.L., Cheshire
‘I heard about your firm 26 years ago and still get excellent service.’
Mr. M.M., Kirkby, Merseyside
‘Thank you for all your help and kindness.’
Mr. W.M., Merseyside
‘I would recommend you to anybody else because I thought that Alan Rice was a big help and a nice man. I would certainly have advice or help off him again in the future if I needed it.’
Mr. S.D., Netherton
‘I was impressed with the way the company dealt with me and my case. Paul Greenberg does what he does very well.’
Mr. M.W., Essex
‘You run a very good honest service. Thank you ever so much for being there.’
Mr. K.F., London
‘I was very happy with the service.’
Mr. J.G., Essex
Mr. A.A., Merseyside
‘I was very satisfied with the company.’
Mr. J.H., Merseyside
‘I was very pleased and grateful with the level of service. Thank you to all.’
Mrs. T.M., Liverpool
‘Give Alan Rice a pay rise. He deserves every penny!’
Mr. R.E., Liverpool
‘Excellent service. Highly recommendable. Thank you!!!’
Mr. M.J., Liverpool
‘I was treated very well. DP&P; are good.’
Mr. K.S., Merseyside
‘I thought you were helpful and treated me with respect.’
Mr. J.T, Liverpool
‘I would recommend you as I thought you advice was really helpful. A big thank you to everyone for their help and support.’
Mrs. P.B., Wirral
‘I’m glad you were in my corner’
Mr. T.C., Merseyside
‘The service you gave me was to a high standard, and you went through everything with me. I was very happy with your services. Thank you.’
Mr. P.J., Liverpool
‘The advice I was given by Alan Rice was very good and put my mind at ease.’
Mrs. M.M., Merseyside
‘I am very pleased with the outcome and the level of service available. I was constantly kept up to date and had the ability to book appointments with the staff, and it was free.’
Mr. M.H., Liverpool
‘I was very happy with your services. Thank you.’
Mr. M.B., Liverpool
‘I would absolutely recommend you. I find all your staff efficient and helpful.’
Mrs. P.E., Essex
‘Your company have been my family’s solicitors for a long time. I would recommend you because everyone I saw and spoke to was helpful in every way. ‘
Mr. A.C., Merseyside
‘Staff very helpful and approachable.’
Mr. B.H., Liverpool
‘Overall very good service.’
Mr. J.C., Essex
‘I can’t fault the solicitors in any way.’
Mrs. S.W., Liverpool
‘Good quality solicitors’
Mr. S.H., Liverpool
‘The service I received was excellent in all cases I have had with yourselves.’
Mr. J.J., Liverpool
‘I was delighted at the outcome of my case, and would like to thank you for all the work you did.’
Mr. W.D., Lancashire
‘I think God brought you people to me. Keep up the good work.’
Mr. M.A., London
‘I will certainly recommend you. You are a professional company and always available when needed.’
Mr. R.B., Cheshire
‘You were very good. I always use your solicitors.’
Mr. M.P., Liverpool
‘You were brilliant at what you do and you got me the outcome I wanted. Thank you again.’
Mr. J.L., Middlesex
‘Your company is extremely professional and successful.’
Mr. U.I., Lancashire
‘I was very pleased with the service you provided. This is the second time I have needed your organisation and the second time I am grateful. Thanks!’
Miss T.M., Liverpool
‘Alan Rice carried out his duties upon and beyond the call of duty. Excellent in fact.’
Mrs. E.P., Liverpool

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