Creative League Update

Following our post yesterday on the Creative League so far, it seemed only right that we should update the blog after last night’s match.

Now, we did intend to go out and beat Code Computer Love by a good 20 goals. Ok, so we’d have settled for beating them by ten. Or five. Or one. However, it wasn’t to be. Football fate wasn’t particularly kind to us. We lost 10-8 and should point out that Code scored a penalty whereas we missed one. We’re pointing that out because that way we feel like we sort of took a point. But we didn’t and the reality of course, is that we’re still bottom and still have no points.

creative league table

Let’s skip the doom and gloom though and move onto the positives. We played well! In fact, to quote Mark Bebbington,

“That’s the first time I’ve come away after losing and actually felt quite happy.”

While we don’t want him to get too used to losing cheerfully, we’re going to take the fact that we played the best we’ve played yet as a definite plus and look forward to next week’s game against Return on Digital.

I know we say this a lot, (and it clearly hasn’t done us much good to date) but we’re feeling rather confident!

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