Web Apps

We create compelling web apps compatible with all major platforms and devices.

Web Apps in a Nutshell

  • Whereas native apps are developed specifically to run on proprietary devices or platforms, a web app is effectively a website which is designed and created to look like a native app but that is compatible with multiple platforms
  • Web apps don’t rely upon a third party app store for distribution and, instead, users can find your app through search engines and other means
  • Unlike native apps, they don’t have to be downloaded in advance to be used and can instead simply be used within a web browser
  • Web apps are a great option particularly where an app is required largely to show and interact with online based content

Web Apps

Tecmark Web App Developers

Our web app developers have a wealth of experience and understanding of the requirements of compelling web apps.

We specialise in taking web apps right through from conceptualisation to launch and even have in house digital marketing expertise to assist when it comes to marketing your web app.

Web app development at Tecmark involves:

  • Research
  • Conceptualisation
  • User Experience Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Development
  • Extensive QA Testing
  • Launch

We’re ISO 9001 accredited and we’re on the Recommended Agencies Register as the result of our quality focused approach to all of our services. If you want to work with experienced web app developers who’ll invest plenty of time getting to understand you, your business and your objectives, then speak to us today.