Mobile SEO – Yes, it Exists!

By 2014, more of the traffic to your website will originate from mobile devices than from a desktop or laptop computer. Mobile will no longer be the minority of your traffic and if you haven’t already considered a mobile internet marketing campaign, you’re already falling behind. Mobile SEO “Mobile SEO is just the same as […]

(Not Provided) Keyword Data Causes Migraines

Before I start, I should probably just confirm that the statement made in the title of this blog post has absolutely no factual or medical backing whatsoever. Just want to clarify that in case the ASA pop by. It’s giving me a headache, though, that’s for sure. Since the whole default encrypted search for signed […]

A Beginner’s Guide to User Experience Design (UXD) Part 1

What is User Experience Design?  Trying to explain  in a quick tidbit is near impossible, so I’m going to attempt to tell you over two exciting blog posts.  This is of course no means an exhaustive step by step run-down but, instead, more of a high level look at what it is to be a […]

Assisted Conversions – What Are They and Why Should You Care?

With the shiny new Google Analytics interface came several new features including real time Analytics and Assisted Conversions. While there’s no doubt the former is hugely important in assessing the immediate result of various activity (e.g. social or a TV ad), it was the latter that was of the most interest to us. Assisted conversions […]

The “New iPad” Announced – Features, Pricing and Launch Date

For those amongst us who have sold our souls to Apple (several times over) in exchange for an iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, Mac or anything else of equal awesome proportions that they make, Apple announcements are a bit like Christmas is for kids. We wait and wait eagerly, speculating on what goodies they might […]

Facebook Timeline for Brands – Goodbye Tabs, Hello Messages!

Facebook announced Timeline for Brands yesterday. This comes hot on the heels of all personal profiles being moved over to Timeline too (and boy, didn’t people kick up a stink about that!). Timeline for brands will be mandatory from 30th March 2012, but if you want to get in there early you can move your […]