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Account login assistance:

To log into your @Mail account, or to access an external account using the @Mail Client, you will need to provide a Username and password, and select the interface type and your language preference. Optionally for External Access using the @Mail client, you may need to provide the mailserver name.

Username: This is commonly a personal identifier with your mail server, for example the user, Jim has an email account with isp.com, his email address is: [email protected]

Password: A secret key that identifies you as authorized to login using the email account. If you forget your password, or wish to change it click the ‘Change Password’ link on the login page

Mailserver: This field is used for external POP3/IMAP mailservers only. Specify the mail-server address used for your account, for example: [email protected], would use the Mailserver ‘mail.isp.com’

Account Type: This field is only used for external mailservers, you will need to specify what the account type is, either POP3 or IMAP.

With POP3 accounts, you have the option of moving your messages or copying messages from the external POP3 mailserver.

With IMAP accounts, your session is mirrored on the IMAP server. Any folders you create, or messages moved will be reflected on the remote IMAP server. All messages are stored on kept on the remote machine, allowing you to access the same data in another mail-client.

Interface: You can select your interface for the WebMail session. comes with more that one Interface which you can select, depending on the capabilities of your browser and preference.

Language: You can select which language to use the WebMail interface for.

Signing up for an account

If you don’t have an account the administrator can optionally allow new-accounts to be created via the Web. Click the ‘New Account’ link on the login page for the account signup form

Most fields are optional, although you will need to provide a new Email Name ( Username ), Password ( and confirmation ), a First Name, a Surname and a Password Question. Fill in the required fields and submit the form, and your first account login will commence immediately.

Troubleshooting – I can’t login to my Account:

Check that the mail-server address is correct when you are attempting to login to external accounts.

Check that you have entered your password correctly, check the Password utility if you have forgotten or want to change your password.

For @Mail systems with multiple domains, check that the domain in the field is correct.