The smartphone users who just don’t put it down!

We all know that Brits are compulsive smartphone users and are using their devices to shop, chat, network, play games and browse.  We’ve all read the studies about what Brits are doing on their phones, but what we wanted to know (just for fun!) is where and when they’re doing it!

So, we asked 1,000 Brits (well, 1,002 to be specific) whether they’ve ever used their smartphones while doing one of several common things:

  • While on the toilet?
  • While in the bath?
  • While in bed?
  • While on a landline or another phone having a conversation with someone?
  • While eating dinner at home?
  • While eating dinner in a restaurant?
  • While cuddling with your partner or spouse?
  • While cooking?
  • While having a face to face conversation?
  • While in the cinema

The Results Summarised

smartphone usage uk summary

  • 38% of Brits have used their smartphone while on the toilet
  • 20% have used their smartphone while in the bath
  • 70% have used their smartphone while in bed
  • 28% have used their smartphone while having a conversation with someone on another phone
  • 45% have used their smartphone while eating dinner at home
  • 20% have used their smartphone while eating dinner in a restaurant
  • 41% have used their smartphone while cooking
  • 25% have used their smartphone while having a face to face conversation with someone

Results by Gender


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