Top 5 Internal Communication Tools

Internal communication is important in the world of a digital agency. Usually, we begin an email with a clear idea of what we want to say and by the end of it, the message you wanted to send originally, has become muddled and the content of the message is nowhere near what it was supposed to be!

So, what can be done about those lengthy email threads where no one actually knows what is going on?

Here, Tecmark’s SEO Project Lead, Tom Howell lists his favourite alternative tools that can be used for those internal tasks that require immediate feedback:


Slack is a great tool and allows you to communicate within a team, as a team. It’s not a fit-for-all-purposes tool but it does serve one very well – communication. With this, it’ll never be easier to chat, share files and to put it simply, find out what is going on within your team.


Asana is a very good tool to have in the armoury in terms of task-based projects and communication between a number of people on that project. If you want to unclog your inbox, then this tool will help most certainly. Task reminders are also useful when prioritising what to do next and can be especially useful if multiple projects are being worked on at the same time.


Teamwork is a lot like Asana in that it is a project-based tool, however, the simplicity and the design and accessibility of it makes it a favourite. Although the chat app is a separate desktop app, it is free and is relatively simple to use. Teamwork is perfect for small teams who work closely together and it is ideal for managing projects and tasks.


Skype, you could say, is rather different to anything else on the list in that it isn’t project based but rather just for chat. However, it is perfect for communication and it is also useful in terms sharing files between groups and teams if needed.

Google Documents

Google Documents do serve other purposes than making Word and Excel accessible online! Using them for internal communication is possible and most likely you’ll think, “How can they be used for communication?” Communication is live on the documents and so can be used as a P2P tool in terms of being able to communicate directly while within the document itself. Although not a “ready-made” communication tool, the documents themselves can serve as quick editing tools for projects that require quick turnaround.

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