The flea’s guide to fulfilling your potential

Are you a flea?

Many years ago, researchers discovered fleas could be trained.

Put them in a jar without a lid, and they’ll jump out.

Add the lid, and – after a few self-induced headaches – they’ll modify their behavior, jumping to a height just below where the lid sits.

But when you remove the lid, their jumps remain at the same height.

They’re convinced the barrier still remains.

Are you doing the same thing?

Fulfilling your potential is so often about your own self-imposed limits – and removing them.

When you think you’ve done all you can, do more.

When you think you’ve pushed as hard as you can, push harder.

That’s why our managing director Richard Heyes and account manager Mike Wainwright are tackling a five-day assault on Mt Kilimanjaro – a challenge so great it has just a 27% success rate.

At Tecmark, we look for ways to think differently; to do our best on every project and not to let barriers – real or imaginary – restrict our potential.

In the next few days we’ll release a fascinating example of things not being exactly as they seem. Stay tuned!

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