iPhone Apps

With a billion iPhone apps already downloaded by the millions of iPhone users worldwide, the iPhone has quickly become an exciting new medium for getting content in front of an enormous audience. Manchester has a growing iPhone app developer community, and Tecmark is at the forefront of this emerging marketplace.

In the UK, iPhones account for over 50% of mobile internet traffic, and with iPhones becoming faster, cheaper and even more functional with every new release, the phenomonal growth shows no signs of slowing. In June 2009, Apple released OS3, the new iPhone operating system that brings a host of new features and improvements, as well as the iPhone 3GS, the latest version of the iPhone itself.

Developing applications for the iPhone is a specialist task, requiring Object-C programming capabilities and a keen understanding of how mobile phones are used and how iPhone apps can and should work to maximise usability and repeat usage.

Tecmark – Manchester iPhone App Developers

Tecmark has both the technical skills and aesthetic appreciation to bring your iPhone app idea to life. To learn more about the costs and timescales involved with iPhone app development, get in touch via email or telephone, or pop into our Manchester offices to discuss your idea with us in person.