Data-Driven Link Acquisition Blueprint

How To Generate Backlinks By Turning Numbers Into Stories

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Data-Driven Link Acquisition

Learn scalable strategies for acquiring links from data-driven content

This guide takes you through our findings from almost five years of using data to tell stories.

We’ll also give you access to four other ebooks, three content marketing cheat sheets – and a weekly round-up of the best writing on digital marketing.

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What's included

  • 3 key ingredients to making a successful campaign
  • 5 different sources of data used to build links
  • A 16 step plan on how to get started with data-driven link acquisition
  • Recommended market research suppliers
  • How to maximise your chances of achieving a linkable asset

We'll also keep you updated with the latest in data-driven content marketing

So you’ll always be on top of your game!

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Get 4 Added Bonuses: Featuring 123 Pages of Digital Marketing Insight

When you download our cheat sheets, we’ll also give you access to four digital marketing ebooks:

Writing for the Web, Quality Content on Scale, Multi-Screen Matters and Stack the Deck

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Writing for the Web

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Quality Content on Scale

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Multi-Screen Matters

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Stack the Deck

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