Any vision on such a global scale will be made up of many components. The cleaning sterilant technology developed for the SAIFER product range has answered the needs of even the most exacting hospital requirements, yet it is safe and mild enough to use throughout the home. That combination of highest level effectiveness with highest level safety has been heralded as a major breakthrough.

Dr Farmer invented the Z-valve to provide a cheap, effective, recyclable dispensing system for hand hygiene products. Having made a working prototype, it immediately became obvious that the Z-valve had uses for many other product types such as shampoos and body gels. Since the container and the valve are all made of the one material the whole unit could easily be recycled, and that satisfied Dr Farmer’s long held desire to help prevent pollution and industrial wastage. The Z-valve has strong patent protection around the world and is now a major asset of TecMark. Other world leading packaging systems are due to follow the Z-valve, but his principal of “first things first” means that the Z-valve will be advanced first.

Those who know Dr Farmer are not surprised to discover that, having generated excellent answers for infection control, he is now steering TecMark on the route to devices that will help prevent asthma. However Dr Farmer’s well honed business skills will ensure that new development projects will remain at a design stage until the current infection control and packaging products are established, selling well and preventing infections around the world.

You can help by ensuring those products are used, as that will help prevent infections and save lives, but you will also be helping advance Harley’s next vision.

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