Finding a high quality disinfectant such as the SAIFER Instrument Sterilant which is available for general use is quite rare.

To find one in a safe and convenient pocket sized packaging is almost impossible, but that is what is available with the ViBa Wipe.

The Viba Wipe has been specially constructed to offer pocket size protection from the range of organisms listed, but in a form that provides some free liquid for irrigation as well as a cloth for conveniently wiping surfaces almost anywhere.
Viba Wipes are particularly valuable when situations arise where the environment is somewhat doubtful in terms of hygiene, or to handle small wounds or scrapes that may become infected if washing facilities are not available. The additional cleaning element that is part of the formulation also provides a further application in that things such as keyboards, telephones, sex toys, dirty cups, headlights, windscreens etc can all be treated for disinfection or cleaning purposes.

This product is a disinfectant wipe which is based on the Formulation 550 used for sterilising hospital equipment.

It has a veratile range of applications from pocket or handbag where it can be used as small wound cleansing or for public toilet seats and door handles etc.

The ViBa Wipe can be included in First Aid Kits, Holiday Emergency Packs, Camping Accessories etc and because it contains an excess of liquid it can help to irrigate as well as wipe affected areas when incidents occur where there is no water available.

It is an item that is very comforting to have on one’s person when those situations arise when it is unpalatable to think of proceeding without the reassurance of having an effective and reliable disinfectant available. The uses for ViBa Wipes are many and various, because they are so economical they can be used for cleaning spectacles, car windscreens and lights, eating and drinking utensils, TV/Computer screens, keyboards, telephones, door handles, toilet seats, hands, face, hearing aids and many other applications.
“Good protection in a sensible size”
“They go everywhere with me”
“It gave me confidence while on holiday”
<1% active ingredients, comprising a synergistic blend of Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QACs), organic acids, pH stabilisers and lemon scent. The secret to why this QAC formulation is so very effective lies in the synergy between the QACs and EDTA.
Bags of 50 or cases of 2000.

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