One of the most unpleasant jobs that anyone has to do is to clean up after accidents involving body fluid spillages. The task has been made even more onerous now there are several serious infection risks that can easily be picked up from such sources e.g. Hepatitis, AIDS.

The risk is so serious now that the Health and Safety Executive have declared that all body fluid spills should be classified as Hazardous to Health.

If such accidents happen at home then there is less risk of infection but for Employers who need to ask employees to cope with such accidents, they must provide appropriate means for the operation and cannot rely on the traditional “mop and Bucket”.

The convenience of the pack soon created a demand from other areas such as from families with members who suffer from car sickness, schools, public houses, cinemas, taxis etc.

The SAIFER ViBa Pack has been specially designed to cope with the legal requirements, as well as providing a convenient and effective way of handling body fluid spills. The ViBa Pack not only kills the potential infection but also turns the liquid into a gel like solid for ease of removal.

Also included are all items needed for the complete disposal of the problem.
“This pack is small enough to easily fit in the glove compartment of my car”
“Everything I need in a convenient form”
“A product that meets professional and household needs with equal efficiency”
Active biocide is peroxygen generator at 15% with acid activators, cleaning elements and gelling agents. The pack contains no chlorine but still check for colour fastness of fabrics. Kills all the infectious bacteria and viruses found in body fluids including HIV, Hepatitis Viruses, Spores and bacteria, especially the antibiotic resistant MRSA.
Singles and packs of 50, each containing mask, apron, gloves, disinfectant/gelling agent, paper wipes, scoop and scraper, disinfectant wipe, moist hand wipe, bio-hazard disposal bag. Instructions for use are printed on each pack.

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