SAIFER Cleansing Disinfectant Wipes were designed to offer both hand washing and hand sanitising capability within the one convenient wipe. There are numerous times when the convenience of a dual action product can overcome considerable difficulties, and therefore provide the user with much greater confidence.
SAIFER Cleansing Disinfectant Wipes can be used as stand alone wipes, but if you have the chance to also use SAIFER Hand Wash you will gain additional benefits since the two products work together in complete harmony and positively compliment each other. Historically, SAIFER Cleansing Disinfectant Wipes arose following requests from Infection Control experts with wide international experience. They knew we had created a new sterilant that destroyed all the bacteria, spores, viruses, yeasts and fungi listed below. They had already used SAIFER Hand Rub and knew how kind it was to skin, so they asked for the same protection, convenience and confidence to be incorporated into wipes.

For a list of the micro-organisms killed by this new sterilant please click here.
“The extra liquid allows you to wash your hands and then dry them with the same wipe”
“The liquid is so nice to skin we have begun finding most unusual uses for it.”
<1% active ingredients, comprising a synergistic blend of Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QACs) and non volatile aldehyde, organic acids, pH stabilisers and if required, transient lemon scent.
25, 50 or 1000 Single sachets, Cylinders with 100 pull out wipes, two wipe sizes.

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