The ideal introduction to the SAIFER Range, the limited offer Starter Pack provides you with four sample products from the range at a price you can afford. For only £30.00 including VAT and free delivery, this offer is limited to one order per customer and free delivery is open only to residents within the United Kingdom.
The Starter Pack conmprises the following products:
  • 2 x 500ml pump Hand Rub
  • 2 x 500ml pump Hand Wash
  • 10 x 60ml personal sprays (filled with Hand Rub)
  • 20 x Z-Valve pouches


Water based and alcohol free, the hand rub is supplied with the Starter Pack in a 500ml pump dispenser and a convenient “carry-around” 60ml spray. This product is designed for frequent application to remove infection from the user’s hands after contact with residents or patients, providing high level infection control in the home. The coconut milk derivative in the rub moisten and nourish the hands whilst not drying them out or leaving a strong odour, thus enticing frequent use and ensuring superior infection control. The hand rub is also provided in the patented Z-Valve Pouch, as an alternative to the 60ml spray. Simply attached to one’s clothing with a safety pin, hand rub is readily available for frequent use.

SAIFER Hand Wash

With identical properties to the hand rub, the wash is formulated for use with water at basin or sink areas, providing long lasting, fast acting infection control to both user and surface alike.


The “Z” Valve Dipenser is designed to be clipped to clothing and consists of a light plastic tube which is held closed by the zvalve and only needs to be squeezed to provide one application quantity.

Holding about 20mls it is a single day unit, and the fully recyclable material ensures that there is no expensive plastic bottle to be scrapped or collected.

When this device is filled with the SAIFER Hand Rub with its broad spectrum biocidal package it makes an ideal, efficient and convenient means of hand treatment for all medical staff.
“The perfect way to get to grips with your products”
“Our staff loved the pack and we have placed our first large order”
“The pack was a great idea, we got to try the range without commiting to a large order”
<1% active ingredients, comprising a synergistic blend of Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QACs), organic acids and pH stabilisers to maintain a near neutral pH. The secret to why a QAC formulation is so very effective lies in the synergy between EDTA and QACs.
1 box consiting:
  • 2 x 500ml pump Hand Rubs
  • 10 x 60ml sprays (filled with Hand Rub)
  • 2 x 500ml Hand Wash
  • 20 x Z-Valve pouches

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