It is customary for medical staff in hospitals and nursing homes etc to use a hand treatment following normal washing to help combat the spread of infection by contact with hands.

At present the industry standard is comprised of alcohol with chlorhexidene. This does have the drawback that the high alcohol content causes many unpleasant skin conditions, making its use less frequent than is generally recommended.

The SAIFER Hand Rub overcomes these problems by combining the extraordinary antimicrobial power of the SAIFER Active Package with skin conditioning agents and spreading agents in a totally water based carrier. The spreading agents ensure adequate coverage without the need to apply large portions to the hands. In this way the drying time is comparable to that of the alcohol based products but without the detrimental effects on skin.
“My hands now feel cared for”
“I do not worry about using this product frequently”
“Amazing how quickly it dried”
1% active ingredients, comprising a synergistic blend of Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QACs) and non volatile aldehyde, organic acids, pH stabilisers and if required, transient lemon scent.

Vary from 20 ml personal dispensers to 500 ml standing pump dispenser bottles.

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