There is a problem facing many employers, institutions, transportation, etc when it comes to handling unfortunate incidents involving body fluid spills. The cleaning up of such spills is not pleasant but additionally carries the classification of Materials Hazardous to Health and as such they need to be handled and disposed of in the appropriate manner.

The ViBa Powder offers such a system by combining the disinfection power of the SAIFER Bioxide Powder with a material which quickly turns the liquid into a gel in a matter of minutes. The Bioxide ensures all hazardous organisms are rendered safe and the gel makes sure it is easily collected for disposal according to local regulations.

The ViBa Powder finds applications in hospitals, schools, public houses, scenes of accidents etc.

This is a specially formulated product to deal with body fluid spills from humans and animals and combines the special properties of the Bioxide sterilant with the super absorbent and stability qualities of polyacrylates. It is generally used in establishments which have the means to dispose of the residue at hand e.g. public buildings and where there is access to water as a means of applying a final clean or rinse to the area.

It can be used on most fabrics without the risk of discolouration but removal should take place as soon as the process has gelled. Ideally the area should be followed by a rinse with water or with the SAIFER Multi-Purpose Cleaner.

Contains no chlorine thus no chlorine bleaching but as usual the fabric should be tested against discolouration on a small non exposed area.

The powder is applied directly onto the fluid to be sterilised and collected where it quickly forms a gel which can be easily scooped up with a dustpan and scraper for safe disposal.

The efficiency of the absorber means that very little powder needs to be used to cope with quite large quantities of fluid e.g. 100g will easily cope with 1500g of fluid which means that it is a very economical and safe way to dispose of such problem spills.

The SAIFER ViBa Pack for potentially infectious spills is specially designed for use in times of emergency where access to normal cleaning items is not available eg in a car, taxi, bus, or where convenience is the priority such as at schools, theatres, public houses, aeroplanes, ferries, or any public building.
“Good protection in a sensible size”
“They go everywhere with me”
“It gave me confidence while on holiday”
<10% proxygen generator, 25% acid salt, surfactents.

5kg drums with a 50g scoop for ease of measuring £37.60

100gms of powder will effectively gel up to 1.5 litres of liquid.

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